Consumers are complex. To truly understand their behavior, YCCI supports an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses marketing, psychology, innovation and leadership. Working collaboratively, we produce fresh insights and new ways of looking at the world through a consumer’s eyes.


Behavioral Economics

Marketing departments spend billions of dollars to understand and influence consumers, with mixed results. Behavioral economics brings to bear behavioral science research to better understand the often-hidden factors that really drive consumer behavior. YCCI uses a wide range of innovative techniques to uncover these insights, including:

  • in-depth behavioral interviews
  • ethnographies
  • customer intercepts
  • concept testing
  • Yale’s proprietary 4 Ws Insights Discovery Process


Customer Analytics

The advent of Big Data has major implications for marketing strategy. The very same technologies that changed how consumers explore, shop, and advocate for products and services are providing marketers with incredible tools to better understand customer behavior. YCCI’s faculty experts are at the forefront of a wave of innovative data mining and econometric methods that can help leverage your customer information and identify hidden patterns in consumer behavior. We have helped leading firms uncover significant insights about their customers using cutting-edge techniques including IBM’s  Watson Analytics.