Researchers and Staff


Victoria L. Brescoll: Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
Daylian Cain: Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior
Ravi Dhar: George Rogers Clark Professor of Management and Marketing & Director of the Yale Center for Customer Insights
Shane Frederick: Professor of Marketing
George E. Newman: Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
Nathan Novemsky: Professor of Marketing


Ernest Baskin: (Marketing) BS, University of Pennsylvania
Jennifer Savary: (Marketing) BA, Cornell University, MBA, University of Southern California
Elizabeth Friedman (Marketing) BA, University of Pennsylvania
Margaret Gorlin: (Marketing) BA, Yale University
Amanda Levis: (Marketing) BA, Yale University
Andrew Meyer: (Marketing) BA, Wesleyan University
Rosanna Smith: (Organizational Behavior) BA, Yale University


Andrew Meyer: Interim Lab Manager
Mona Cao: Research Assistant
Nace Cohen: Research Assistant
Pichaya Damrongpiwat: Research Assistant
Christofer Hamilton: Research Assistant
Michael Lei: Research Assistant
Julia Levinson: Research Assistant
Raymond Ma: Computer Programming Research Assistant
Alexander McLeod: Research Assistant
Mark Trapani: Research Assistant
Joanna Zheng: Research Assistant