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Professor Roger Ibbotson was named winner of the annual CFA Institute's Graham and Dodd Award.


Professor William N. Goetzmann, SOM Professor and Director of the International Center for Finance, argues that weather can influence your mindset and consequently your decisions when it comes to investing.


Some may think Bitcoin is the future world currency. Professor Robert Shiller warns about Bitcoin's bubble potential.


Why do officials listen to predictions of a coming financial crisis, then do nothing about it? Dr. Robert Shiller shares his thoughts.


Professor Zhiwu Chen of Yale SOM discusses what China needs to do to get on the right track.


The Warburg Papers at Yale reveal that Bernanke's backstop lending was the sole creation of German banker and Fed governor Paul Warburg in the 1900s.


Ryan Tracy of the Wall Street Journal reflects on the changing nature of US Financial Institutions, and the possibility of future bank runs.


Dr. William N. Goetzmann, Director of the International Center for Finance, puts the bubble mentality into historical context.