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A global history of money looks beyond bubbles, crashes and bailouts to argue that finance has been indispensable to progress for millennia


For those of you still laboring under the efficient markets hypothesis here is a tidbit: investors overestimate the chances of a stock market crash by a factor of about 10.


Is the next recession on the horizon? The case for and against bubbles.


Financial booms have become a chronic feature of the global financial system. When these booms end in crises, the impact on economic conditions can be severe.


New book by William N. Goetzmann presents a fascinating look into the way that finance has steered the course of history.


Retail investors are more likely to think there will be a catastrophic stock market crash if they have read media reports about recent market falls, new research in the US shows.


With U.S. stocks surging this past week and breaking into the black for 2016, remember: What you expect the stock market to do next is shaped largely by what it just did.


This year marks the 300th anniversary of the start of an economic project in France which posterity knows as the Mississippi Bubble.


When the going gets tough, the wise get out until it is calm, says research presented by professors Alan Moreira and Tyler Muir.


Robert Shiller discusses the importance of economic irrationality, crowd behavior, and other elements of behavioral finance in understanding the global economy and making effective economic policy.

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