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The two most populous nations on the planet – China and India – also have two of the most exciting economies, with fast growth creating opportunities on an unprecedented scale. But entering these markets blind would be corporate suicide – and that’s why some the best minds in marketing, economics and psychology got together in a multi-disciplinary environment recently to swap ideas about the future of these, and other, developing markets.


China is undoubtedly the world’s biggest market for counterfeit products. From fake Louis Vuitton bags, to Prada purses, Adidas sweatpants, Nike sneakers and Rolex watches—you can buy them all for a song in huge multistoried markets across China’s cities. How does the prevalence of counterfeits impact brand owners? Should the likes of Gucci and Prada crack down on counterfeits?


Many might have missed the television advert where Vidya Balan, ambassador for Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan, urges people to take advantage of the government's campaign which gives Rs 10,000 to every family to construct a toilet in an effort to stop open defecation.


Mobile banking has brought the formal banking sector to a huge number of Indians. Simple transactions, such as querying account balances, are most common, but there is huge potential to bring a vast array of financial services to remote parts of India with mobile banking.


The Yale School of Management has received a grant from the Citi Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Citigroup Inc., to support critical research by K. Sudhir, James L. Frank Professor of Marketing, and Zhiwu Chen, professor of finance, related to the rapidly emerging markets of China and India.

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