Analytics & Experimentation Projects

YCCI works with its affiliates on a broad range of research programs that address critical market challenges and provide opportunities to apply new thinking and methodology. Learn more about our recent Analytics & Experimentation projects below.

Behavioral Economics in Practice

Historically, changing behaviors meant changing attitudes and beliefs. Using new insights from behavioral economics, YCCI worked with a major medical device manufacturer to drive healthy behavioral change at the moment of choice.

Decision Making in Financial Services

YCCI worked with a major financial services provider to analyze specific data to determine whether investments in customer service had increased customer retention, profitability and overall firm value.

Leveraging Understanding of Distance to Impact Communications

Working with a major consumer packaged goods partner, our research team showed how to increase receptivity and recall with changes in consumer distance from point of purchase.

ROI on Corporate Investment

A large investment in its customer service program left a firm wondering if they made the right decision. Yale SOM faculty members answered this question by analyzing data on call center performance and customer outcomes.

Understanding In-Store Drivers of Choice

Identifying effective types of in-store messaging helped a large manufacturer of personal care products interested in exploring the drivers of choice for their products in the retail environment.

Achieving a 360° View of the Customer

YCCI partnered with leading consumer marketing companies to identify the best organizational structure and process for gathering customer data, developing customer insights from multiple sources, and effectively linking them to specific, actionable marketing programs.

YCCI seeks partners who are committed to the advancement of research on consumers, and are interested in the building of long-term, collaborative relationships with YCCI.

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