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Marketing seminars are held Friday during lunch (11:30am-1:00pm) at 2420 Evans Hall, Yale School of Management


The American Marketing Association honored Ravi Dhar, the George Rogers Clark Professor of Management and Marketing and director of the Center for Customer Insights, for his work in marketing research over the last five years.


In recent years companies that made Big Macs and Whoppers into icons of American pop culture have seen robust domestic expansion disappear from their menus. Have we maxed out?


Consumers less likely to purchase something if they think it has been changed with the specific purpose of helping the environment


Consumers will respond positively if a company changes its products to make them "greener," right? Not necessarily, a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research finds.


No good deed goes unpunished, at least if that deed is a company making a product eco-friendly.


And more surprising insights from the social sciences


How much would someone pay for a pair of underwear worn by Justin Bieber ? By Abraham Lincoln ? Miley Cyrus ? Eleanor Roosevelt ? Science has finally provided an answer, which is: It depends.