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Prof. Ravi Dhar quoted in front-page New York Times article


At this year’s 10th annual Yale Customer Insights Conference, leading practitioners and academics detailed some of today’s most important trends.


Ravi Dhar is quoted in Time Magazine, discussing Uber, Lyft, and the on-demand economy.


For a decade, the CCI has helped to shape a complex and challenging field.


“Happy employees are productive employees.” Sounds like a phrase from a cheesy motivational poster, right? And yes, studies have shown this to be true in a general sense. But how about the hard numbers? Can employee engagement really translate to higher sales figures?


The placebo effect has always been a bit of a mystery to science. Give patients a pill filled with sugar or in an injection of saline but tell them it's medicine, and a percentage of them will report feeling better.


Workers who volunteer feel like they have more balance between work and the rest of their lives.


Consumer decision-making does not unfold like a game of Pac-Man with systematic digestion of information pellets en route to the optimal choice. Only by testing real products with real consumers in real-world situations can companies hope to understand how their customers behave.

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