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Brand Sustainability Stories That Tell Themselves

Add to that already steep challenge the findings of the Hartman Group Sustainability 2013 Report: "We are seeing a broad gap in the way consumers and companies think about and approach...

January 9, 2014

Taking Stock of Self-Discipline

Self-control, it turns out, is a limited resource, “akin to strength or energy,” write the authors of the recent study. “As a result, any use of executive function appears to reduce the available...

January 3, 2014

Wireless Transfer: Mobile Banking and the Global Classroom

Though increasingly important, “mobile banking is a very specialized topic, so we normally wouldn’t be able to offer a whole course on it,” said K. Sudhir, James L. Frank Professor of Marketing,...

December 21, 2013
Mobile, Global Network

‘Nudging’ Major Buyers To Make Sustainable Choices

This isn’t where the movement should focus its efforts, Siddiqui told an audience at Kroon Hall. “It is the big buyer — in federal governments, in countries, in states, in hospitals and hotel...

December 10, 2013

Good Stories, Good Business

It was still early morning when Gary Hirshberg, the chairman and former CEO of Stonyfield Farms, showed a series of rather sobering slides. They were charts and tables, each demonstrating a year-by-...

November 25, 2013

Playing Hard to Get with Uninformative Advertisements

A paper by Yale School of Management’s Associate Professor of Marketing Jiwoong Shin and former Yale SOM Associate Professor, Dina Mayzlin, offers an explanation for why 37.5% of...

October 18, 2013

What is a “Meaningful Brand”?

Which brands in your life really hold meaning for you? Which ones have a positive impact on you, your community, and the natural world? According to recent research performed by Havas Media Group,...

October 9, 2013

Try It, You'll Like It!

Now, finally, we know why sea hamburgers taste better than crab cakes. Shane Frederick, Professor of Marketing at the Yale School of Management, along with Leonard Lee of Columbia Business School and...

July 15, 2013

Top CMOs Advise Newly Minted MBAs

Hear from six top CMOs from Visa, IBM, L'Oreal, MasterCard and more as they advise new MBAs on what skills are paramount as they prepare to enter the marketplace.  

June 20, 2013