Publications by Amy Wrzesniewski

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Careers and callings: How work meanings shape job transitions
A. Wrzesniewski
Caring in constrained contexts
A. Wrzesniewski, J. E. Dutton, & G. Debebe
Getting what you want and wanting what you get? The impact of prospective plans and past employment on job search outcomes
C. Tschopp & A. Wrzesniewski
If I could turn back time: Occupational regret and its consequences for work and life
A. Wrzesniewski, J. Tosti, & J. Landman
Better to give and to compete? Prosocial and competitive motives as interactive predictors of citizenship behaviors
M. T. Cardador & A. Wrzesniewski
Remoteness as a resource: The impact of virtual work on job crafting
A. Wrzesniewski, C. A. Bartel, & B. Wiesenfeld