Publications by James N. Baron

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Sex, segments, and stratification: Comment on Snyder, Hayward, and Hudis
J. N. Baron
The University of Chicago Press
So happy together? The impact of gender segregation on men at work
A. S. Wharton and J. N. Baron
American Sociological Review
Social Differentiation and Inequality: Some Reflections on the State of the Field
J. N. Baron, D. B. Grusky and J. D. Treiman
Westview Press
Social Differentiation and Social Inequality: Essays in Honor of John Pock
Strategic Human Resources: Frameworks for General Managers
D. Kreps and J. Baron
Hoboken, NJ: Wiley
Taking the workers back out: Recent trends in the structuring of employment
J. Pfeffer and J. N. Baron
JAI Press
Research in Organizational Behaviour
Targets of opportunity: Organizational and environmental determinants of gender integration within the California civil service, 1979-1985
J. N. Baron, B. S. Mittman and A. E. Newman
American Journal of Sociology
The employment relation as a social relation
J. N. Baron
Journal of the Japanese and International Economies
The impact of economics on contemporary sociology
J. N. Baron and M. T. Hannan
Journal of Economic Literature
The organization of work in a segmented economy
J. N. Baron and W. T. Bielby
American Sociological Review
The proliferation of job titles in organizations
J. N. Baron and W. T. Bielby
Administrative Science Quarterly
The Purpose of Purpose: Obligation and Identity in Employment Relationships
J. N. Baron
The road taken: Origins and evolution of employment systems in emerging companies
J. N. Baron, M. D. Burton and M. T. Hannan
Industrial and Corporate Change
The social psychology of organizations and inequality
J. N. Baron and J. Pfeffer
Social Psychology Quarterly
The structure of opportunity: How promotion ladders vary within and among organizations
J. N. Baron, A. Davis-Blake and W. T. Bielby
Administrative Science Quarterly
The Urban Growth Machine: Critical Perspectives Two Decades Later
S. S. Smith, M. R. Moore, R. J. Antonio, W. P. Barnett, J. N. Baron, T. E. Stuart, P. Hedstr??m, R. Sandell, C. Stern and D. J. Myers
American Journal of Sociology
Undoing discrimination: Job integration and comparable worth
W. Bielby and J. Baron
Ingredients for women's employment policy
War and peace: The evolution of modern personnel administration in US industry
J. N. Baron, F. R. Dobbin and P. D. Jennings
American journal of Sociology
Weird science: Markets, motives and misconduct in academic research
J.N. Baron, M. King and O. Sorenson
Workers and machines: Dimensions and determinants of technical relations in the workplace
J. N. Baron and W. T. Bielby
American Sociological Review