Yale School of Management Celebrates 40th Commencement

Class of 2017

The Yale School of Management hosted its 40th Commencement on May 22, awarding diplomas to 433 members of the Class of 2017 as light rain fell in the courtyard of Edward P. Evans Hall.

The graduating class included 317 students in the MBA program, 60 in the Master of Advanced Management (MAM) program, and 56 in the MBA for Executives (EMBA) program.

Yale SOM Dean Edward A. Snyder welcomed family, friends, and other well-wishers to the ceremony, reminding them that they will always be part of the SOM community.  

“We honor the class of 2017,” Snyder said. “We honor competition, cooperation, and our school. Your class, by all accounts, is one of the coolest and most accomplished classes in the school’s history.”

Snyder said that the new graduates have gained a greater ability to navigate a world that has more frictions, as well as huge opportunities. “Yale SOM became a compelling crucible for your learning and development, and now you leave having impressed all of us.”

Noting that May 22 was also the 103rd birthday of William S. Beinecke YC ’36, a key figure in the founding of Yale SOM, Snyder recounted Beinecke’s role in the creation of the school and led the crowd in wishing him a happy birthday.

One student speaker from each degree program, selected by his or her classmates, also delivered remarks during the ceremony.

Ignacio Pallares Sevilla ’17 was the MAM speaker. “Today we celebrate the conclusion of an academic adventure,” he said, explaining that the class’s diversity—28 nationalities represented—have greatly enriched it, helping students develop capacities for openness, tolerance, and respect. “What started as an individual journey is ending as a group journey, one group… It has been my greatest honor to be by your side.”

Katherine Riddle Nichols ’17 spoke on behalf of the EMBA class. She recounted some of the life changes and challenges her classmates have experienced together over the last two years: 1,800 hours of homework; 699 days of worrying about it; 102 nights at the Omni Hotel; 32 job transfers; five babies; four relocations; and three weddings. “Two transformative years,” she said, “one family.”
Chiara Brynn Klein ’17, the MBA class speaker, called her classmates “a group of people that has inspired me for two years with their kindness and compassion.”
Klein said that her classmates have benefitted from their collective strength, insight, and creativity, and from the support of their extended networks of families and friends. “We all have the village that made today possible,” she said. “As we leave Evans Hall today, newly baptized by the spring rain, may we never forget the power of our cohort, and not only the one we’re sitting with today.”

Yale School of Management 40th Diploma Ceremony

About the Event

On May 22, 2017, members of the Class of 2017 will receive their degrees from the Yale School of Management.

Graduates participate in both the University Commencement Ceremony and the Yale SOM Diploma Ceremony on Commencement Day, as well as other events during the preceding weekend.

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