How Eileen Fisher Became a B Corporation

GE Colloquium on Sustainability Leadership

Clothing brand Eileen Fisher started down the path to becoming a B corporation in 2012 after founder Eileen Fisher visited parts of the company’s supply chain in China and Los Angeles.

“She came back completely changed,” said Amy Hall, the company’s director of social consciousness. “She told us about the things she’d learned and the things she’d heard, and how she felt we needed to ramp up our work in the area of sustainability—both environmental and social.”

B corporations, or benefit corporations, seek to make a positive social and environmental impact as well as a profit.

Water resource and human supply chain issues, in particular, convinced Fisher to broaden the company’s sustainability practices, Hall told students at the Yale School of Management on January 31.

Hall, who is also a member of the company’s Leadership Forum, outlined the approach that Eileen Fisher took to earn B Corporation certification. She spoke at Yale SOM as part of the GE Colloquium on Sustainability Leadership.

Hall has been with Eileen Fisher for 23 years. In her role, she collaborates with internal and external stakeholders to guide the company’s human, environmental, and economic sustainability. To begin the sustainability overhaul, the company hired a consultant who specialized in systems thinking, Hall said.

 The consultant chose 22 leaders from the company, representing every department from design to manufacturing, and the team members went on a three-day retreat together. “We went and sat in the woods and we journaled,” Hall said. “We envisioned what we wanted for ourselves, personally, and for our families on this planet, and when we came back together, we collaborated on a unified vision.”

GE Colloquium on Sustainability Leadership: Amy Hall, Eileen Fisher

About the Event

Join us as we welcome Amy Hall , director of social consciousness and a member of the Leadership Forum, for women’s clothing designer for Eileen Fisher).

This discussion will center around Hall’s support for the company’s efforts to practice “business as a movement.”  Learn how she collaborates internally and externally to guide the company toward ever-increasing human, environmental, and economic sustainability.  Hear about Hall’s efforts in co-leading the company’s Vision2020 work and how she played an instrumental role in shepherding Eileen Fisher toward its highly-anticipated B Corporation Certification.

This event is open to the public.