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I really saw it as essential to get an MBA. The things that I learned in Probability and Game Theory and Negotiations classes at Yale I was literally using the next week. The disciplined financial approach that I've learned at Yale, and the way to think strategically and analytically both from probability and game theory standpoints, all come into play.
Alan Kurose '14
President and CEO, Coastal Medical

You need to understand in detail how organizations and markets work. But you also need to develop the broad awareness and elevated perspective to see how business decisions affect complex systems—from a company to an industry to an economy.

The Yale SOM core curriculum is unique in how it ties together the pieces of a business school education into a meaningful whole.

Leadership is a skill you will work on and develop throughout your life. There is no effortless path to excellence and accomplishment in this domain.

Our Leadership Development Program stretches over two years, and is fully integrated into the student experience; it’s not an isolated program, but a part of what the school is about.

Edward P. Evans Hall

The 242,000-square-foot Edward P. Evans Hall is the new home of the Yale School of Management, having opened in January 2014. The campus houses state-of-the-art classrooms, faculty offices, academic centers, and student and meeting spaces organized around an enclosed courtyard. Its design is both striking and functional. For instance, the transparency of the building strengthens the sense of community among our students and signals our aspiration to educate business leaders with extended lines of sight.

Tell us a little about yourself to get a customized view of the Yale EMBA Program.