Donald Lee

Associate Professor of Operations

Professor Lee is interested in the design of evidence-based strategies for managing the delivery of healthcare. His work draws on ideas from operations research and statistical learning in order to obtain a better understanding of healthcare systems from a data-driven perspective. Driven by questions faced by physicians and policymakers, his papers have examined topics including pay-for-performance issues in healthcare, outcomes evaluation of medical interventions, and organ transplant network dynamics.


  • PhD (Operations Research), Stanford University
  • MS (Statistics), Stanford University
  • MMath, Cambridge University
  • BA/MA (Mathematics), Cambridge University


Modeling Managerial Decisions
MGT 405
Advanced Business Analytics with Spreadsheets
MGT 809
Big Data
MGT 819


Selected Articles

P.M. Aronow, D.P. Green, and D.K.K. Lee
Annals of Statistics
D.J. Lowsky, Y. Ding, D.K.K. Lee, C.E. McCulloch, L. Ross, J.R. Thistlethwaite, S.A. Zenios
Statistics in Medicine
D. K. K. Lee and S. A. Zenios
Management Science
D.K.K. Lee, G.M. Chertow, S.A. Zenios
Health Services Research