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Each year, graduating Yale SOM students leave an important legacy by making a Class Gift to the Yale SOM Alumni Fund, the school’s most critical source of flexible funding. By participating in the Class Gift, you help ensure the continued excellence of  Yale SOM’s strengths—such as the integrated curriculum and close-knit community—for future generations of students

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Part of what makes SOM such a special community is the “pay-it-forward” culture that permeates every aspect of the school - from talking with prospective students to the alumni who are happy to pick up the phone and answer our endless career questions. Being part of Class Gift is simply another way to give back in our final days as students and signal how significant the past two years have been in building our friendships, careers and personal development. Your participation signals the strength of the alumni community we are about to join and sets a high bar for the investment that we will continue to pay forward to future generations of SOM students.
 --Jocina Becker, Class Gift Co-Chair

It has been an amazing experience to be a part of the incredible, one-of-a-kind community here at SOM. SOM truly “walks the talk” in terms of building future leaders for business and society, and helping co-chair the class gift is a way for me to give back to the school and the broader community by enabling them to continue carrying out the school’s unique vision.
--Stephanie Chan, Class Gift Co-Chair

I have mixed emotions about graduating and leaving SOM, but I am so proud to join the ranks of SOM alumni and just as they have done for me, enable future students to have the same transformational personal and professional opportunities I have experienced in New Haven. For me, the class gift is a way to say thank you for the community that I’ve gotten to be a part over the past two years.
--Elena Damaskos, Class Gift Co-Chair

I am enthusiastic to serve as Co-Chair of this year's Class Gift because I firmly believe in paying forward to future generations the gifts and benefits I've been blessed with during my time at SOM. As a JD/MBA candidate, I've benefitted from SOM's seamless integration with broader Yale, and the interdisciplinary and global business education that the school provides. The SOM community stands strong because of so many alumni, faculty, and friends who have invested their time, energy, and resources into the school over the years, and I am excited to carry on this great tradition.
--Brian Koziara, Class Gift Co-Chair

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It is a great privilege to be one of the Co-chairs for this year’s Class Gift campaign. I have had a wonderful experience here in SOM, a life-changing experience I wish others will have access to. The Class Gift is a way to express our gratitude for the immense and priceless impact the MAM program has had in our personal and professional lives, and to make it possible for others to gain this transformational experience. Let us all give generously to support this worthy cause and make others’ dreams come true.
--Eunice Amo, Class Gift Co-Chair

The class gift is an important link that brings together alumni, current students and future cohort. As current student, the Yale experience that we enjoyed are a legacy of gifts given by our alumni.
As a person benefited from the wonderful Yale experience and the gifts of our predecessors, I'd like to be reminded and remind the cohort of our collective experience and encourage that we uphold the tradition of passing on our best wishes with our best expressed intentions in the form of class gifts!
--Michael Chang, Class Gift Co-Chair

It's been quite an honor to serve as co-chair of the MAM Class Gift campaign. I believe that many of us joined the MAM program to make a difference in the world and to have a meaningful impact on society. Giving back to Yale SOM and enabling future students to join this incredible community, is a part of that. I am extremely proud to support this effort and know all my fellow classmate will feel the same.
--Marcelo Orrico Santos, Class Gift Co-Chair

I have personally had a great experience as an SOMer, from the friends I have made to the new things - food, places, cultures, sports - that I have been exposed to, from the knowledge I have gained to the opportunities that are now laid before me, It is truly an experience that cannot be quantify! To the extent that my efforts spearheading the class gift campaign provides the same opportunities for others to join the SOM community, I am more than happy to serve with my fellow classmates as a co-chair for the campaign.
--Kenechukwu Udeh, Class Gift Co-Chair

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It is my pleasure and privilege to represent my classmates for the Yale MBA for Executives Class Gift campaign. As we complete our journey, we can envision our future connections to each other and to Yale SOM. Now is the time to give back and establish our legacy and membership in the EMBA Alumni community. We have the amazing opportunity to provide a named Class of 2017 scholarship.  Let’s help someone else enroll in the Yale EMBA, experience the diverse learnings and incredible classmates, and become one of our future business and society leaders. Thank you for your generosity, and most importantly, your participation.  
--Madeleine Braun, Class Gift Co-Chair, Asset Management Track

Seydina Fall, Class Gift Co-Chair, Health Care Track

William Plunkett, Class Gift Co-Chair, Sustainability Track

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