Community and Inclusion


The Yale SOM community is purposeful and mission-oriented. Through active engagement and ongoing dialogue, we seek to activate the diversity of our community and help our students develop the capability to seek diverse perspectives and cultivate inclusive teams and organizational cultures.

 Leaders of dynamic organizations have to broaden and extend teams and move between divergent cultural contexts. Engaging with people who hold differing opinions or cultural assumptions can be challenging, but we seek to turn such frictions into opportunities to learn, to see other points of view, and to lead.

From the Dean

Learning requires rigorous inquiry into what is common and what is different. The education, development, and learning that we seek is far from frictionless and indeed is often uncomfortable. We all know that disagreements and conflicts are an ongoing feature of education and development. My own view is that we should proceed with good intentions about ourselves and others. We should listen, ask questions, and feel free to disagree and give feedback.

We expect individuals within the Yale SOM community to develop and strengthen a professional learning environment in which all members are included and engaged. Individually and together we benefit from engaging in the critically important process of building a community that works. No doubt, we will be involved in similar efforts throughout our personal and professional lives in many different contexts.

Edward A. Snyder
Indra K. Nooyi Dean & William S. Beinecke Professor of Economics and Management

Student Voices

One of the best things about Yale SOM is that there are a lot of different opinions; it makes you challenge your assumptions. Coming here and being exposed to different viewpoints has taught me to be a lot more open, a lot more humble. Instead of being concerned about being right or wrong, people are interested in learning from one another.Anna Kallenborn-Bolden ’17
Leader, Out of Office LGBTQ Club
Hometown Westport, Connecticut

At SOM, people come from all different directions—and leave in all different directions. Our community is only getting more and more open to understanding what drives others and what is important to them. We really have created a community where people feel like they can just say, ‘Just ask me. If you don’t know, just ask.’Brittan Berry ’16
President, Student Government
Hometown Chino, California

A community event called SOM Voices gives you a chance to listen to personal stories of your colleagues, and understand where they’re coming from, the challenges they face, how they’re able to adapt based on cultural situations or different professional backgrounds, communities, and environment. You also see how all these people have contributed in their own quarter to help SOM be the place that SOM is. Rotimi Tewe ’16
Africa Business and Society Club
Hometown Lagos, Nigeria

I’m part of the Consortium, a network of people who have worked, and have committed to continue to work, towards the advancement of underrepresented minorities in business and society. For me, it’s more than a networking opportunity—it’s a true family, before, during, and after business school. Karla Martinez ’17
Women in Management Club, Latino Leadership Association
Hometown Houston, Texas

I volunteered to run the Latino Leadership Association’s Mexico Job Trek. Before that trip, the thought of working abroad hadn’t crossed my mind. A key realization took place on the trip: ‘There is opportunity here!’ I had offers in the U.S. that were exciting, but they felt comfortable. Consulting in Mexico, and all of Latin America, is a constant stretch—you travel and engage across the gamut of business and government, one week in Chile, another in São Paulo. It’s extremely rewarding when you see how much you’ve grown.Ignacio Garat ’16
Leader, Latino Leadership Association; Out of Office Club
Hometown Los Angeles, California

Our learning team comes from really different backgrounds. When we first met, we all looked at one another, thinking, ‘How’s this going to work?’ But it’s a great team of people, who all bring a different perspective to the table, in terms of careers and backgrounds. When we are working on projects, someone on the team will often say, ‘There’s something that we’re missing’—those are the moments when you get elevated to a higher level of thinking.  David Mowat ’16
Leader, Consulting Club
Hometown Winnipeg, Canada



845 students in the MBA, EMBA, and Master of Advanced Management Programs, 2015–16

Full-Time MBA Class of 2017



Students of color.* 
45.5% of them are from underrepresented ethnic groups.** 

Self-identifies as LGBTQ 

Countries of origin

*Includes U.S. citizens and permanent residents who identify as Asian American, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American/Islander, or multiethnic.
**Includes U.S. citizens and permanent residents who identify as Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American/Islander, or multiethnic representing 10% of the total class. 

Number of countries represented in the MAM Class of 2016

Full-time women faculty

students in the Classes of 2016 and 2017 attended Yale SOM on full-tuition Yale Consortium Fellowships in 2015-16.

students received Reaching Out MBA Fellowships for LGBTQ students.


About the Office of Community and Inclusion

Our goal is to support students, staff, and faculty in developing a community that values the unique perspectives and backgrounds of all of its members. We assist the institution in increasing the diversity of backgrounds within our community and fostering opportunities for community members to inquire about and learn from one another. We recognize that creating an inclusive community will not be without its challenges, individually and collectively, and we provide support to student clubs representing underrepresented social identity perspectives and foster engagement to encourage the community to develop a comfort with exploring open and mutually respectful dialogue in a diverse environment. Tiffany Gooden
Director of Community and Inclusion



Regional and Affinity Clubs

Community Resources

With more than 50 student clubs, the Yale School of Management provides abundant opportunities and resources for students to connect and collaborate with others who share similar backgrounds, personal interests, or professional aspirations. 

Regional and affinity clubs

Black Business Alliance 

Korea Club

Christian Fellowship

Latino Leadership Association

Consulting Club

Partners Club

Greater China Club

Out of Office

International Club

South Asia Club

Japan Club

Veterans Club

Jewish Students Association 

Women in Management Club

Complete list of clubs

If you’d like to find out more about a particular club, contact our Admissions Ambassadors, current Yale students who are available to talk with you about their respective organizations.

Scholarships & Admissions Events

Admissions Events

The School’s Admissions Office sponsors or participates in a number of MBA admissions events throughout the year. View the complete calendar of Yale SOM Admissions Events

Diversity Events

We have multiple opportunities in the Fall and Spring for prospective students to experience the diversity and excellence of the Yale School of Management first-hand. From special presentations in cities across the U.S., to on-campus events like SOM Communities and Spring Ahead for Women, we want to introduce and engage you with our dynamic community and to demonstrate our commitment to our mission of educating leaders for business and society.


To help identify some of the many financial resources to help promote diversity in the Yale School of Management student body, the school has compiled a list of scholarship resources from organizations outside the university that are available to students. In addition, through our partnership with The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management, select students are eligible for merit-based fellowships equivalent to the cost of tuition and required fees.

Yale SOM offers a wide range of merit scholarships, a number of which are designated for individuals with specific backgrounds or professional aspirations. Recent additions to our merit scholarship offerings include funds reserved for alumni of Teach for America, and participation in the yellow ribbon program for active-duty military officers to attend Yale SOM at significantly reduced tuition.



The Yale School of Management actively seeks to engage with organizations committed to diversity in MBA education.

Partner Organizations

The Consortium for Graduate Study in Management


Forte Foundation

Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance

Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)

MBA JumpStart

National Black MBA Association


Reaching Out MBA

Riordan Fellows Program

The Robert A. Toigo Foundation