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How does China drive the mining and metals business?

The $1.5 trillion mining and metals sector supplies the feedstock for a large part of everyday life—from coal for power, to iron ore for steel girders, to the minerals and metals that are processed into the components of your iPhone. John Lichtenstein '83, a consultant and 30-year veteran of the sector, describes the state of this global industry and how one country—China—has an outsize influence on commodity prices everywhere.
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How do you lead a company through a nuclear accident?

The 2011 tsunami and the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan shattered the nuclear industry’s "safety myth" and prompted the shutdown of all nuclear power plants in the country. Naomi Hirose '83 talks about leading the plant’s operating company through an unprecedented cleanup and rebuilding effort.
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How does a global corporation keep innovating?

Honeywell International has 132,000 employees around the world and dozens of businesses in the aerospace, energy, consumer products, construction, automotive, healthcare, and other industries. How does an organization on that scale stay nimble enough to recognize opportunities and take advantage of them? CEO Dave Cote discusses the company's strategy and his own role.
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Does Indian culture produce great leaders?

Senior Associate Dean Anjani Jain is sometimes asked whether India’s culture plays a role in the preponderance of influential Indian management thinkers. He offers his perspective in a commentary in the Economic Times.
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Immigration and Innovation

As legislators negotiate comprehensive immigration reform, Professor Mushfiq Mobarak explains, in a commentary in the New York Times, the importance of skilled foreign workers in sustaining the United States’ comparative advantage in science and innovation.
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How does Colombia see globalization?

The former president of Colombia argues that dealing with globalization is an imperative for all countries. He describes how he tried to build relationships with other nations when he was head of state, with an eye toward working together to solve major problems—such as narco-trafficking, terrorism, and resource constraints—that cross borders.
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How do businesses reach across the globe?

Any large organization has multiple stakeholders with different needs. And a truly global business has to deal with tremendous variation in cultural and regulatory contexts. For example, in the U.S., per capita credit card penetration is 2.5—meaning there are more than 2 credit cards for each person in the country. In Saudi Arabia, where Islam forbids the use of credit, the penetration rate is .04. How can a company cope with exponentially increasing complexity as it moves to more and more markets? And are there some businesses that don't translate easily—or at all—across borders?
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Can renewable energy compete?

The cost to produce energy from renewable sources, such as wind and solar, has fallen dramatically in recent decades, but so has the cost of natural gas. Daniel Gross, a renewable energy investor, discusses what it will take to make wind and solar cost-competitive.
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