Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders

AIGA and Yale Executive Education have partnered since 2008 on the Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders program. Our recent graduates have come from some of the most highly regarded firms in the industry, such as Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Yahoo, Ubisoft, Nickelodeon, and MTV. Our result: a distinctive Executive Education program bringing together the brightest minds in the industry with the unparalleled resources and expertise of Yale University.

AIGA and Yale Executive Education: 
A Shared Commitment to Innovation and Creativity

AIGA’s leaders in design understand that solutions to complex problems begin right from the design process. Our program architecture is crafted to stimulate and develop the full creative potential of senior-level leaders. From orientation to graduation, thirty-five AIGA leaders are immersed in an intensive learning environment built upon Yale’s proven pedagogy of peer-driven education through discussion and collaboration—a signature Yale experience.

Upcoming Programs:

July 24 to 29, 2016

The Core Elements of Success: 
When Your Needs Meet our Expertise

  • 35 AIGA participants
  • 11 Yale School of Management faculty
  • 5 Days at Yale University
  • 6 Modules

Taught by world-class Yale School of Management faculty at Yale University’s hub of innovation and research, the program delivers an integrated curriculum designed to target the core elements of success:


Designers often have different leadership approaches and styles than their clients, and sometimes these differences in style can lead to miscommunication. In this module, Yale faculty collect diagnostic information about participants' leadership style and analyze the implications for communication.


Participants learn how to think strategically, drawing on critical frameworks to better analyze the environment and make more informed decisions about how to align the organization with that external environment.

Innovation & Creativity 

Participants are pushed to think outside the box as they cooperate and collaborate to devise effective business solutions to real-world business scenarios.


Divided into three sessions, the marketing module first provides a rigorous understanding of several key concepts: marketing segmentation, targeting and positioning. The second session elucidates how strong brands are defined, built and managed. The third session provides insight into managing customer profitability.


Relying on simulations, cases and lecture, the operations module helps participants understand how task structure impacts organizational effectiveness.


The financial accounting module increases participants' ability to read and understand annual reports and, in the process, better communicate with those who conceive of an organization primarily as a financial instrument for generating greater cash flows.


The legal module demonstrates how firms can use intellectual property protection (i.e., copyrights, patents, trademarks and trade secrets) to differentiate their products, create barriers to entry and generate licensing revenues.


“This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from and be surrounded by some of the most brilliant, interesting and entertaining minds around, as the caliber of both the professors and students was stellar. Thank you for a phenomenal experience.” – Tammy Taylor, Wells Fargo, Class of 2011

“This program was just perfect. I believe I’ve made connections that will last a lifetime and useful skills I've already applied to my day-to-day professional life.”  – John Militello, Google, Class of 2009

“I am impressed by how optimized the classroom and building is for teaching and learning. It's a very thoughtfully designed learning environment… I'm taking away some inspiration and learnings about logistics and event organization just from having paid attention to the way this program was managed. Thank you!” – AIGA Graduating Class of 2014

“The 2013 AIGA Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders program at Yale was a fantastically inspiring experience. Being surrounded by some of the brightest business minds in the world and like-minded colleagues, in a stunningly impressive setting, was a greater experience than I had hoped for, or could have imagined. The classroom energy, debate and conversation were electric. I left feeling inspired to not only do bigger and better things, but to do them smarter and more thoughtfully.” – George Argyros, Soulsight, Class of 2013

“Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders” at the Yale School of Management is by far the most relevant and useful continuing education program I’ve ever taken. The professors were hand selected and their material was tailored specifically for our class. The very next day after the weeklong session, I had the confidence and the know-how to implement new strategies in my business.” – Jill Spaeth, Citizen Creative, Class of 2012