Arnulf Grubler

Professor in the Field of Energy and Technology

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Professor Grubler’s research and teaching interests focus on the interplay between energy and technology systems and their implications on the environment, in particular on climate change. Both his research and teaching embrace a truly long-term view. He has studied major transitions in energy and technology systems that occurred during the last 300 years and is also an energy/environment futurist developing long-term (100 year) prospective scenarios for energy and climate policy analyses. He welcomes discussions on the role of entrepreneurship in technology innovation and diffusion as well as on formal analyses tools for the development of technology innovation strategies and portfolios in the areas of energy systems and climate protection. Professor Grubler is a resident faculty member every fall term. The remainder of the year he is senior research scholar at IIASA, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Laxenburg, Austria. 


  • PhD, Technical University of Vienna
  • MS, Technical University of Vienna