Teaching Method

Business leaders need to both grasp the huge cultural, political, technological, and economic forces that affect every organization, and cultivate the depth of knowledge and rigor in decision making that can provide a foundation for careful analysis. The Yale School of Management has developed a unique approach to business education that builds these major competencies.

The goals of developing both depth and breadth of knowledge may seem contradictory. We believe both are possible when you bring together diverse, intellectually curious people in the context of a great research university. 

Several interlocking programs and emphases at Yale SOM make it possible for us to help students develop an elevated perspective on the challenges of the global market, while keeping their thinking grounded in expertise.

Integrated Curriculum

Every MBA student at Yale takes the integrated core curriculum, which was designed from the ground up based on the needs of leaders of large organizations. The integrated core teaches the fundamentals of management with an emphasis on the complexities of context that arise in real situations. Ethical thinking and structured problem solving are wrapped into every class.

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Faculty Collaboration

While our faculty are acknowledged leaders within their disciplines, who publish work in the foremost journals of economics, finance, marketing, operations, and organizational behavior, they also work closely with each other to develop a curriculum that will advance students' understanding of the real dynamics of the modern marketplace, and collaborate broadly on academic endeavors, often working with faculty from other schools at Yale. They know that no single discipline holds all the answers, and that the way to advance is to make connections across boundaries.

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Close Engagement with Yale University

SOM students take electives across the university. They plan conferences and events with other graduate students. They work in collaborative teams to launch new businesses. At every level, Yale SOM is closely connected to its home university, and shares in the Yale's intellectual endeavor of deepening knowledge of the world and its mission to educate leaders who will use that knowledge to improve the world.  

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Global Reach

All full-time MBA students travel to another country as part of their academic experience, deepening their understanding of global business—a requirement that reflects the school's commitment to always thinking about the global context. Our participation in the Global Network for Advanced Management is another example of this commitment, enabling students and faculty to connect with more than 20 participating schools in developing and developed economies.

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"Raw" Cases

Yale SOM has pioneered a form of open-ended online case study, called the raw case, to support our unique curriculum. These cases explore rich and challenging management scenarios and train students to find solutions in complex and unstructured problems, like the ones they will encounter in their working lives.

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