Guiding Principles

Our founding mission to educate leaders for business and society has multiple interpretations:

  • We educate purposeful leaders who pursue their work with integrity.
  • We educate leaders for all sectors of society—public, private, nonprofit, and entrepreneurial.
  • We educate leaders who understand complexity within and among societies in an increasingly global world.

In all of these manifestations, the mission is a powerful means of thinking about how business leaders can contribute value to their organizations, communities, and society at large.

Our Mission Today

To keep our mission relevant in the current environment, we are focused on the following areas.

Educating Leaders

The pressing challenge for all leaders today is to grapple with the fast-growing complexity of the modern world—which means understanding the changes wrought by technological advancement, by the increasing contact between cultures, legal systems, and political environments, and by the shifting role of governments in business. Yale SOM is a source for leadership thinking and action that contends with this complexity across sectors and regions.

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Distinctively Global

The purely local enterprise no longer exists. Business leaders have to understand supply chains, data networks, trade policies, cultural differences, and political dynamics. They need to compete in a global marketplace. Yale is leading the way in cultivating a broader understanding of global connections, in part through founding the Global Network for Advanced Management.

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Engagement with Yale University

A comprehensive understanding of business challenges requires a broad view of the forces and trends affecting an organization. Through engagement with the intellectual life of Yale University, SOM students and faculty cultivate insights across subjects, experience state-of-the-art thinking from all disciplines, and broaden their horizons.

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Commitment to Diversity

Students and faculty at Yale SOM come from dozens of countries and from every sector and industry. The school attracts people who are interested in learning from their peers and continually expanding their understanding of the world.

Our Integrated Curriculum

The Yale MBA core curriculum reflects the way modern organizations actually work and teaches you to analyze and understand the full scope of information you need to make good decisions.