Amanda J. Sharkey

Visiting Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior

  • 203-432-2421

Professor Sharkey is an economic sociologist who studies how social and cultural factors impact organizational behaviors and market outcomes. Her research lies at the intersection of economic sociology, organization theory and social psychology.

Professor Sharkey’s previous work has focused on the role of industry prestige in shaping how investors react to firms that announce earnings restatements. She has also studied how matching processes in labor markets interact with features of organizational hierarchy to influence rates of entrepreneurship. Sharkey is currently researching the role of external ratings systems (e.g., KLD, Fortune’s Best Companies) in influencing organization-level outcomes, such as the level of pollution emitted or the diversity of managerial workers.

Sharkey earned a bachelor’s of science in journalism, as well as a bachelor’s of arts in economics, from Northwestern University in 1999. She completed a master’s degree in social research methods from the London School of Economics in 2004. She received her PhD in sociology from Stanford University in 2011. Her dissertation is titled “Sieves and Lenses: Essays on the Role of Categorization in Social Valuation.” Her work has been presented at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management, as well as the Organizational Ecology conference.



  • PhD, Stanford University, 2011
  • MS, London School of Economics, 2004
  • BS, Northwestern University, 1999