Almost to spring break...

February 26, 2007

Hi everyone! My name is Gloria. I'm a second year here at SOM and I'm a student administrator for this site. For more about me, check out the little bio that's linked to this page. So I'm going to run with other people's thoughts on classes and career. I've only got eight weeks of school left, so things are a little different for me than they are for Patrick and Paul. Because I'm a second year, all my classes are electives, and it's been sort of hit-and-miss this school year. But I'm lucky enough to be enrolled in Fiona Scott Morton's Competitive Strategy course (as is Paul), and it's one of the classes I've enjoyed most at SOM. Fiona does a great job of teaching in a manner that students completely "get"--and this is coming from someone who doesn't "get" game theory--and I'm really learning to apply the Comp Strat frameworks when reading cases or the newspaper outside of class. My group and I are working on our first case write-up of the semester, and while it's pretty difficult and we're not doing a perfect job, we've been able to think critically in a manner that we couldn't a month ago. So if any of you out there end up coming to SOM, take Comp Strat, period. We've got some pretty fantastic professors teaching it, and you can't go wrong with any of them. On the job front: Since I want to go into the public sector, my timeline is quite different than those of my classmates who already have an offer (I believe it's more than 66% of the class at the moment). Cities hire when they have an opening, and I've already gotten lots of, "Well, we're looking for someone to fill the position right now, and we can't wait until May/June/July." It's a little bit of a bummer, but definitely something that I expected before starting school. I'm not too worried though--it looks like I'll be able to land something at least by the end of April. I hope. By the way, any idea when this snow is going to end? I'd like to enjoy our two weeks off without weather being an annoyance.


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