Ahmed Khwaja

Visiting Associate Professor of Marketing

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Professor Khwaja's research focuses on dynamic strategic games, consumer choice dynamics, asymmetric information & incomplete markets, and simulation based econometric methods.On the substantive side he has investigated topics related to experience spillovers in market entry, retail chain expansion and size dynamics, long run and short run effects of collaboration in pharmaceutical innovation, effect of employee engagement on customer satisfaction, and moral hazard & adverse selection in health care markets. His research has been published in several journals including Marketing Science, RAND Journal of Economics, Journal of Econometrics, American Economic Review, Management Science, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Journal of Law and Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization, and Journal of Health Economics. Along with the University of Cambridge he has held academic positions and affiliations at Yale, Duke and the University of Pennsylvania.



  • PhD, University of Minnesota


  • Customer MGT 411
  • Managing Marketing Programs MGT 856

Selected Articles

Firm Expansion, Size Spillovers and Market Dominance in Retail Chain Dynamics

A. Khwaja, J. Blevins, and N. Yang
Management Science

The Dynamic Spillovers of Entry: An Application to the Generic Drug Industry

A. Khwaja, R. Gallant and H. Hong
Management Science

Selected Working Papers

Customer Satisfaction and Employee Engagement: Evidence from the Car Rental Industry

A. Khwaja and N. Yang

A Bayesian Approach to Estimation of Dynamic Models with Small and Large Number of Heterogeneous Players and Latent Serially Correlated States

A. Khwaja, R. Gallant and H. Hong

The Short and Long Run Effects of Collaboration on Innovation and New Product Development: Evidence from FDA Trials and Approvals

A. Khwaja and R. M. Durón

The Collusive Effect of Multi-Market Contact on Prices: Evidence from Retail Lumber Markets

A. Khwaja and B. Shin

Market Share Evolution, Size Spillovers and Organizational Forgetting in Retail Chain Dynamics

J. Blevins, A. Khwaja, and N. Yang


  • Ken Arrow Award for best paper in Health Economics published in 2014, Honorable Mention, 2015
  • “Dynamic Feedback Between Employee Engagement, Productivity and Customer Loyalty,” with Nathan Yang, Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative Data Award
  • "The Paul Geroski Best Article" Prize for the best paper published in 2006, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2007
  • Honorable Mention Ken Arrow Award for best paper in Health Economics published in 2014
  • NIAAA R01 Grant, "Deterring Drunk Driving: Beliefs, Preferences, Outcomes, and Welfare Implications," with Hanming Fang and Frank Sloan.
  • NIA R13 Grant, "Structural Models of Consumer Optimization Behavior" , with Donna Gilleskie
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant, "Why Don’t Mature Smokers Quit?" , with Dan Silverman and Frank Sloan
  • AHRQ Dissertation R03 Grant, "A Dynamic Stochastic Model of Investment in Health"